Lead Abatement

Even though it has been decades since white lead was used to improve the coverage and performance of coatings, significant amounts of lead-based coatings can still be found on industrial, municipal and transportation structures. “Lead abatement” is a term used to describe any activity which reduces the hazard to humans from airborne particles of lead coatings.

How to reduce the lead coating hazard on a given project requires knowledge and judgement. Removing hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead may actually create a greater environmental hazard than would leaving it in place, provided the material is currently stable.

In such cases the lead-based materials may be encapsulated rather than removed. CUI is expert in evaluating the condition of lead coatings and working with customers to develop a effective risk mitigation programs.

CUI emphasizes the training of employees, the use of proper containment and equipment, and the proper disposal of contaminated materials. Coatings Unlimited meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations for safety and procedures for lead-based coating removal and encapsulation.

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