Industrial Coatings/Linings

Knowing what coating to use and when and how to use it is critical to avoiding coating failure and to impacting plant downtime in an industrial process setting.

Commonly used external coatings include alkyds, epoxies, epoxy copolymers, water/solvent borne inorganic zinc-rich coatings, water-borne acrylics, silcones, and one- and two-pack polyurethanes.

The linings employed include epoxy, phenolic, epoxy copolymer, and various polyesters. In addition to sprayed linings there are rubber and heat-cured linings, which may be applied in layers.

For fire protection, concrete, shotcrete, and lighweight cementitious and intumescent coatings are frequently applied.

As a Society for Protective Coatings QP-1 and QP-2 certified contractor with over half a century of experience, Coatings Unlimited has full familarity with and experience in these materials and in their uses and application. CUI can assist in the development of specifications, schedules, and safety programs for the application of industrial coatings and linings.

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