Concrete Repair/Protection

Coatings are applied to industrial concrete surfaces for a variety of reasons, including extending their life, providing traction; sealing out penetration by chemicals, corrosives,or food products; or aesthetics.

Concrete surfaces can be damaged or fail from many causes, ranging from improper mix/installation to the long term effects of weather, chemicals, salt, impact, wear, or structural shifts. Grease or oil may be impregnated in the concrete. There may be an existing sealant on the concrete surface to be coated.

Coatings Unlimited is experienced in assessing the status of concrete surfaces, in assisting in the development of specificaitions to remediate the situation, in removal of damaged or contaminated material.

Repairs can then take place using a variety of materials including epoxy adhesives and coatings, cementitious and epoxy grouts, joint fillers and sealants, and other concrete restoration materials.

Materials for protecting concrete surfaces can range from clear sealers, to epoxies, to UV floor coatings. CUI continues to evolve its half-century-deep knowledge base of concrete problem solving and study and to test new products and techniques.

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