At Coatings Unlimited, Inc. Environmental, Health, and Safety responsibilities are engrained in our culture and the way we do business. Successful management of our environmental, health, and safety program is an essential component of our mission statement. Through the observance and enforcement of this policy, we assist in protecting the environment and the overall well-being of our clients, employees, other trades, and the community.

In order to achieve these objectives, we identify job-specific risks and mitigate them to the lowest practical levels. We strive to minimize impact to the environment and to prevent harm to our employees, our clients, the communities in which we work, and all others who could be affected by our activities.

Coatings Unlimited, Inc. takes a proactive approach toward creating safe work environments for all our employees by offering task-specific training, safety education, assigning responsibility for all aspects of our policy, continuously reviewing our program to identify potential areas of improvement, and ensuring a thorough evaluation of all incidents.

We address the environmental and health impact of our operations by reducing waste. We strive to be good citizens in every community in which we perform our services.

Coatings Unlimited, Inc. is vigilant regarding environmental, health, and safety matters. This awareness is achieved through education, communication, and definition of the goals and standards specific to our operations and those undertaken on behalf of our clients. We seek best practices to continually improve in the safety and environmental performance of all our activities.

Basic principles of our environmental, health and safety(EHS) approach:

  • EHS is a corporate value and condition of employment
  • No task is worth and injury or the loss of life
  • EHS issues can be managed successfully
  • Zero accidents is an attainable objective

Coatings Unlimited, Inc. devotes significant resources to our EHS program for the following reasons:

  • We are an ethical company; compliance with regulatory standards in mandatory and cannot be compromised.
  • EHS issues directly impact the profitability of our company
  • We have a strong sense of moral and social responsibility The nature of our work is dangerous
  • We value our employees
  • Safe environments are more productive
  • Our clients and employees live in the communities we serve
  • We understand the direct and indirect costs associated with an EHS event
  • Management understands that safety is the primary vehicle in reducing workers’ compensation costs
  • EHS and quality are interchangeable terms
  • Coatings Unlimited, Inc. values our corporate image.
  • Coatings Unlimited, Inc. commitment to maintaining a healthy, safe, and environmentally sound project begins with the CEO and flows down to every employee. The actions of management reinforce their commitment to the EHS program. Management will open each corporate meeting with a EHS topic to discuss or report upon.

Management implements EHS activities in the same manner as which productivity, quality, and schedules are managed:

  • Integrate EHS into the company’s functions and work processes
  • Accept accountability for EHS activities
  • Act in support of all EHS initiatives
  • Promote both organizational and personal accountability for EHS performance
  • Award monetary incentives for extraordinary EHS performance
  • Reinforce a culture that emanates from the personal willingness of every employee to take responsibility for creating a work environment that is healthy and safe.
  • Coatings Unlimited, Inc. understands that commitment to pre-planning and training are the pillars of a sound EHS program and can significantly impact the success of our EHS culture and reduction of risk.

This process engages management, supervisors, and employees to:

  • Define the task and hazards for each activity
  • Determine best work practices to complete each task safely
  • Address requirements for all proper ppe
  • Provide comprehensive training programs in areas of compliance, behavior, and culture.
  • Managers emphasize employee coaching, communication, behavior modification, and team building skills
  • Managers understand that there is a direct correlation between an aggressive training program for supervisors and employees and superior performance.
  • The collection and dissemination of best practices knowledge is paramount to our corporate success
  • With our two staff OSHA 500 instructors, safety consultants, publications, and newsletters, CUI stays in the forefront of incident prevention, new regulatory standards, and emerging trends.

Although the regulatory environment is complex, CUI believes the success of building an EHS-focused culture depends on a clearly-stated philosophy of protecting people, protecting the environment, and reducing risk using proven activities, implemented well and consistently.

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