Because of its relationship to human health and because of the high level of government regulation under which it operates, the pharmaceutical industry poses a challenging working environment for coating application.

We can assist with the development of specifications and deliver strignent conformance to customer identified materials/product/performance standards.

In addition to our own high EHS training and employee performance standards, we fully understand and cooperate with the requirements that the pharma clients may have for training of CUI employees working within their facility. We also follow all client protocols for the handling of materials and equipment entering and exiting the project site.

Activity scheduling is performed to minimize the interruption of any periodic or ongoing production activities. Where necessary CUI can work during shut-down intervals or off-shift to maintain production.

Project containment and protective measures are tailored to suit the pharma client location and the specific products and methods used for surface preparation and coating application. These can include such measures as containment enclosures, project-dedicated local exhaust, or frequent debris collection and disposal.

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