Mining is a harsh, unforgiving environment. Corrosion, abrasion, and impact all take their toll on mining equipment, lowering useful life and increasing downtime and maintenance costs.Renewal of equipment surfaces with coatings addresses these issues.

But mines have a variety of serious issues affecting coating application. These include extreme temperatures, dust and the risk of fire. Mine workers and the employees of mine contractors are closely regulated by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

For a coatings contractor these regulations include what materials can be taken into a mine and how they are to be used. Whether it’s molded or cast polyurethane coatings, the newer-type sprayed polyurethane coatings, or specialized materials such as troweled fireproofing, CUI’s staff has the experience to help you select the right coating for the application.

Coatings Unlimited’s focus on preplanning; cultural emphasis on Environmental, Health and Safety, standards; and knowledge base of mine surface preparation and material application assure a safe, successful result.

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